Saturday, January 14, 2006

The story of a toy - Pastel Toys

Most of the people who live
in the communal village
where I was made, Kishor,
in the Western Galilee,
are different.

Younger or older,
they are different in that
they need help,

some to talk, some to walk,
some to perform simple,
ordinary day to day tasks,
which are normally carried
out easily and automatically.

I was made in the village
toy factory.

Kishor also has a vegetable
garden, a kennel and a
goat farm.

The villagers, Arabs and Jews,
Moslems and Christians
and their help givers all
contribute to a thriving work
and community life and Kishor
toys are exported world-wide.

Now back to me:
I am lovingly crafted of wood

By people,
who, just like they should,
feel special,
productive and good.

People who've come
through a door
opened for them by Kishor

People who don't ask for more
than that I,
a lovingly crafted toy
bring excitement,
and comfort and joy.

To some little girl,
or some little boy
if not different,
then special, unique.

Like all children,
whatever the language
they speak
whether English,
Italian or Greek.

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